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We Provide Professional Auto Paint Repair Service

It is always a big deal if your car’s paint is fading or chipping away. Of course, who would want to hit the road with imperfections on the car? If this is your case, you can go to a dependable auto body shop to restore the paint of your car. For one, Cosmetic Auto Masters is the auto paint repair that can meet your requirements. Don’t worry because we have a licensed auto body technician in Concord, NC who will handle your investment.

Auto paint repairs is not a thing for DIY

When you want to restore the paint of your car, you should rely on the services of a professional. DIY is not a good idea because it requires specific tools and equipment. You might think of going to a random auto shop for the sake of repairing the paint for a cheap price, but have you ever thought about why the price is ridiculously low for a service that tends to be costly? Imperfections might appear sooner or later if you go to an amateur. To avoid frequent trips to the random auto shop, you might as well consider going to a certified auto body shop for long-term solutions.


We are driven to serve you!

Cosmetic Auto Masters is a reputable auto shop that specializes in auto paint repair service. Experience a hassle-free experience as you avail of our service in Concord, NC. With seven years in the industry, you can put your trust in our experts restoring the paint in your car. For corrosion, we will scrape off the rusted portion and will use the right welding equipment in order to patch the affected area before applying the paint. If your car’s paint is fading, we will just repaint it using our modern specialized brush that is used for vehicles alone. On the other hand, if we are dealing with chipping paint, we will try to assess the problem and see what areas are weak so we can strip the paint away and apply a new coat. Don’t worry, we use high-quality paint to ensure that it will resist the elements and other factors.


For auto paint repair, you can take advantage of the services of Cosmetic Auto Masters. Call us right now at (704) 418-4802 to schedule an appointment. We service Concord, NC areas.


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